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Registration Number:PD20181298

Chemical Name:


Cas No.: 256412-89-2

Molecular formula:C23H18CIFN2O4

Molecular weight:440.87

Melting point:77.0~78.5℃

Content:96% min

Package:25KG carton drum

Use: Metamifop is a kind of aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicide, which can control most annual bluegrass weeds very well. Unlike most of these herbicides, Metamifop shows an exclusive whole plant safety to rice with a high control efficacy to annual grass weeds,such as barnyard grass, moleplant, crabgrass and goosegrass. It is mainly used for transplanting and weeding in direct seeding rice fields with low toxicity, and safe to environment, wide miscibility, and suitable for other crops and lawn weeding, it is also a very promising herbicide.

Common dosage : 10% EC, 10% WP, 20% ME

Remarks: In normal supply

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