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Chemical Name: methyl 2- ( { [ (4,6-dimethoxypyrimidin-2- yl)carbamoyl]amino} sulfonyl)-4- (methylsulfonamidomethyl) benzoate.

Cas No.: 208465-21-8

Molecular formula:C17H21N5O9S2

Molecular formula:503.5

Melting point:195.4℃


Package:25KG carton drum

Use: It is suitable for the control of common gramineous weeds in wheat fields, such as bromegrass, aegilops,ryegrass,lolium temulentum, alopecurus aequalis,hard grass, annual meadow grass, polypogon, paccinellia, wild oats, ect. Poor control effect on most broad-leaved weeds.

Common dosage: 3% OD

Remarks: In normal supply

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